Shahran Tabari


MA in Political Behaviour: University of Essex 1977-78

PhD “single Mother and Housing policy”- unfinished: University of London 1995-1998


Lecturer on Political science at different universities in Iran 1979-1986

Radio Journalist at the Radio BBC (producer and broadcaster) 1988-1995

Chief Correspondent in London, (broadcaster and producer) Radio Free Europe/ Radio Liberty Persian services 1998-2012

Lecturer on Social policy at the Birkbeck college 1997-98

Founding member of the Nimeh Digar periodical (a women magazine)

Senior adviser of the programme ‘the Future of Iran’ and a fellow at the Legatum Institute 2012-2017

Writer and producer of the TV programme ‘The Future of Iran’ at the Iran Farda TV  2019-to date.

Political work

Head of the executive committee of 7Aban, (an Iranian political group) 2022 to date

Member of the UK Labour Party 1988-2019

Two terms elected Councillor at the City of Westminster: 2002-2010

Member of the Liberal-Democrat party and a member of the executive committee of its Westminster branch 2019 to date.