Dr Laleh Tangsiri

I am a dental surgeon graduated from the Karolinska Hospital University in Stockholm, Sweden, have been working as a Dental Surgeon ever since and a few years later, as Director of a dental surgery business.

I joined Dentists Without Borders many years ago and have been on numerous trips to several African countries, helping the people in need, providing dental care, setting up dental practices for the poor, empower women, train them find an own employment and become independent. In Southern Lebanon, I have been helping orphan children who were abandoned as a result of the war in Syria.

I have also been providing dental care to war refugees’ camps in Greece, Lebanon and here at home.

Since the start of the uprising in Iran in 2019, I have taken part in several TV programs and held speech at demonstrations to defend the human rights and advocacy of freedom.

I am a member of the Conservative Party and have met high ranking and influential officials from a few countries to create awareness about the Iranian people’s human rights and increase their attention level.

My life objectives are caring for human beings and improve their human rights.