Miss. Azin Vatani

Azin Vatani was born on Dec/1987 in Rasht, a province in the north of Iran. She is the only girl in her family and has navigated various attitudes and goals since her teenage years.

Azin studied architecture, graduating in that field, but found herself unsatisfied. Consequently, she pursued graphic design, successfully earning her degree. Following this, she dedicated two years to teaching high school students. Despite being a young girl, Azin faced challenges but remained steadfast in pursuing her goals. Driven by a love for art, she delved into makeup, turning it into her career and passion.

Embarking on the mission of opening her own beauty business in three different locations, Azin succeeded. Over her 14 years as a makeup artist, she became a voice for women, inspiring them to chase their goals, love themselves, and find happiness.

In 2017, Azin decided to move to England for a fresh start. Overcoming challenges, she established herself as a bridal makeup artist and designer. Fueled by ambition, she launched “Azinvatani lashes,” her first makeup product, aiming to extend support beyond her own country. Partnering with the Afghan charity ACAA, she pledged to share a percentage of profits with them, an ongoing collaboration.

Amid her product launch, a revolution began in her home country following the death of Mahsa Amini, a young girl attacked by IRGC terrorist officers. Azin’s focus shifted to raising awareness and being a voice for Iran and its oppressed women. One of her products was named after Mahsa Amini, and she organized the “Blossom of the Unity” event in London, advocating for freedom.

Recently, Azin had the opportunity to design dresses for the Miss Europe Continental event, incorporating Persian designs and patterns. One dress symbolized the limitations imposed on women in her homeland.

Azin Vatani