Afshin Payravi

Afshin Payravi is a Mechanical and heavy machinery engineer from Central London Polytechnic. He started his political and human rights protest in Iran after the 1979 uprising, since he was in high school.

After the fall of the imperial system, he started a protest movement and together with some of his friends started a protest movement against the islamic regime, he also launched the anti-hijab demonstrations back in 1979. He was arrested few times and eventually was forced to depart from Iran.

He joined the Conservative Party of Britain to influence British policies on Iran. At the same time, he continued his political activities in opposition to the regime of the criminal Islamic Republic and was active in the Organization of intellectuals and academic against  islamic republic. 

In 1987, he resigned from the conservative party and focused his activity exclusively on the fight against the regime of the Islamic Republic and imposition of human rights in Iran.

Afshin was an active member of the National Council for free elections until  2009. 

Afshin currently is an active member of True and Fair party of UK.

He believes the Islamic regime is committing crime against humanity in iran and is a thorn in international community which needs to be sanctioned and isolated internationally.  No one should be allowed to trade or buy any oil untill the regime collapses and human rights and democracy is established. The regime is surviving and killing innocent people just because of Western countries appeasement.  He believes any country that appeases the regime is accessory to the crime against Iranian people and it should be stopped.